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Enjoy Your Style is a web magazine, dedicated to bringing you high-quality content on style, beauty and fashion. We work hard, do a lot of research, and hold ourselves to a high standard. But most of all we hope you enjoy reading our articles, and browsing our website.

As of this writing, this website has 130 webpages. Soon it will have 150 webpages; soon enough it'll have 200, even 300 or 400. Hosting these pages (and the images on them) isn't free.

Enjoy Your Style is not a hobby site. It's a business. In order to have the time and resources to bring you all these wonderful articles, we must make money. We do this in three ways:

1. Advertisements

You will see Google Ads on some of our pages. They are reloaded every time someone opens this webpage. These ads are generated by algorithms, based on the content of the site page and past experience with other users. Any personally identifying information you pass on to us is not passed on to anyone else, ever (please see our privacy policy for more info).

Our Google Search box features advertisements, which we earn revenue from.

We are also experimenting with ShopSense ad boxes and Luminate buttons. Like Adsense, these ads are based on the content of the site page and past experience on this and other websites. Every time one of our viewers clicks on one of these ads, we earn a small commission.

You can also advertise with us, either through a banner or an ad box, via Project Wonderful:

Simply click on the blue text below this ad, and log in if you want to place an ad with us. If you make the winning bid, your ad will appear on hundreds of web pages, all focused on fashion, beauty and style.

2. Affiliate Links

You'll see links to Powell's Books whenever a book or magazine is cited. These are affiliate links; if you click on one of these links, and buy something from Powell's up to 90 days later, Enjoy Your Style earns a commission on that sale.

Powell's is the largest independent bookstore in the world. Their "city of books," in Portland, Oregon, spans one square city block. Their selection is comprehensive and competitive. You can also sell your books and get a fair price for them. For all these reasons, Enjoy Your Style is a Powell's affiliate.

This affiliate relationship does not affect my book reviews in any way. If I think a book sucks, I will write that it sucks, and I'll write why. I see no advantage to calling every book "a masterpiece" if it isn't. If I did that, you'd reasonably assume that every book was tripe. Besides, there are so many great and interesting books out there, why force them to associate with the bad ones?

3. Donations

If you really like this website, why not donate?

More donations means fewer ads. If we receive more than $500 USD in donations during a calendar month, we won't put up ads on any new web pages for the next month.

All our donations are processed through PayPal. When you click the Donation Button, rest assured you will land on a page that is encrypted and secure. Your information is safe with PayPal, one of the largest payment processors on the Internet.

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