Vintage Styles

Fashion model at Victoria Station, in the 1950s.

Browse our catalogs of vintage styles, from the 1990s to the 300 BCs.

Articles are listed in reverse chronology, starting in the 20th century (the last one) and ending up sometime in the Cro-Magnon age.

History of Fashion and Style

A Brief History of Lipstick

20th Century (19XX)

1990s Fashion

    Citizen Ruth
    Courtney Love
    Riot Grrrl

1980s Fashion

    Debbie Harry (lead singer of Blondie)

1970s Fashion

    Harold and Maude
    Sid and Nancy

1960s Fashion

    Edie: Girl On Fire

1950s Fashion

    1950s Hairstyles
    1950s Hairstyle Pictures
    1950s Style Dresses
    Beatnik Fashion
    Teddy Girls


Ancient Greece

    Ancient Greek Hairstyles

Ancient Egypt

    Ancient Egyptian Clothing

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