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If you want to reprint any of the articles on the website, you may do so, under the following conditions:

  1. You credit, via a direct link to the home page or the reprinted article, in the first paragraph of your article/post. If your copy will appear in print, please attribute this website by its URL as well as its name, e.g. "this article originally appeared, in a slightly different format, on Enjoy Your Style ("
  2. You credit, via a direct link to the home page or the reprinted article, in the last paragraph of your article/post. (web only)
  3. You do not misquote any person interviewed or quoted in the text, including, but not limited to: adding things they didn't say, eliding a critical phrase or word ("I don't advocate bestiality" -> "I do advocate bestiality") or deliberately mistranslating a passage.
  4. If you alter the content in any way, including (but not limited to) translating, reformatting, adding or subtracting content, you will distribute it under the same license as above.
  5. You do not imply that endorses your website or your use of our work.

If you can't or don't want to follow #4, the fees for reproducing are $300 for articles under 1,000 words, $500 for articles over 1,000 words, $1,000 for articles over 5,000 words. All word counts will be based on the original article, even if you shorten it considerably.

The above guidelines do not affect your fair use rights.

Here is the license.

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