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Favorite Article of Clothing: black ankle-length boots with side clasps
Style Icons: Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, Cab Calloway
Biggest Fear: Fame

When I was five years old, my favorite television show was "Are You Being Served." The show is about the salespeople at the clothing departments in a London department store.

The show relies mostly on double entendres and rapid fire dialogue, with the occasional sight gag thrown in.

Of course, I didn't get any of the jokes. And I didn't understand why people were laughing. But I loved the show nonetheless.

More than anything, I loved seeing how the characters dressed. Every detail of their outfit tells you something about their personality, ambitions and intelligence (or lack thereof). Mr. Rumbold, the bumbling, incompetent boss, never wore clothes that fit or flattered him. Captain Peacock, on the contrary, was always dressed impeccably, even a little too ostentatiously; even at that age, I could tell he was covering up some inner insecurity. And of course, there's Mrs. Slocombe's hair!

So why am I writing this on an "about us" page? Because "Are You Being Served" is where I first became interested in style and fashion. Since I didn't understand the jokes, I worked hard to understand the personalities of the characters. And I noticed how their personalities were reflected in their dress––and how their dress amplified, or accentuated, their personalities.

Fast forward ten years. One of my favorite things to do in high school was people watch. I started to notice how people's clothes reflected their personalities. The best part was that people are usually more complex than fictional characters, so seeing someone in a strange outfit was always a bit of a mystery.

And it's still a mystery, a mystery waiting to be solved.


Favorite Article of Clothing: DEVO energy dome
Style Icons: Edie Sedgwick, Carlton Banks, DEVO
Biggest Fear: Seeing an evil face in the mirror at night

I've always been interested in style, and photography. Conventional fashion photography––emaciated 19-year-olds looking constipated––holds little allure for me.

I find and edit the images for this website. I also try to track down the rights for every image––not always an easy task. Contact me if I've made a mistake.

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