Addams Family Quotes

Wednesday Addams. Smiling.

Below are the most memorable Addams Family quotes.

The Addams family was originally a cartoon by Charles Addams in the New Yorker; it has since become a movie series, a 1950s sitcom and even an animated film.

The quotes below are taken from Addams Family and Addams Family Values.

The appeal of the Addams Family has always been in its witty dialogue and counterpoint to the clean-cut, traditional family. I think you'll find the appeal in just the quotes below.

Quotes are arranged by subject; subjects are arranged alphabetically.


Margaret: [regarding Cousin It] Everyone keeps asking where he got his costume.
Gomez: It is a wonderful hat.

Debbie Jellinsky: So I-I killed. So I maimed. So I destroyed one innocent life after another. Aren't I a human being? Don't I yearn, and ache, and shop? Don't I deserve love...and jewelry?

Uncle Fester: Gomez! Morticia! Wonderful news! I'm engaged!
Morticia: [Debbie shows them the ring] That ring!
Gomez: It was our mother's. She was buried with it.
[Debbie holds up a shovel]


Morticia: When we first met years ago, it was an evening much like this. Magic in the air. A boy.
Gomez: A girl.
Morticia: An open grave. It was my first funeral.
Gomez: You were so beautiful. Pale and mysterious. No one even looked at the corpse.

Morticia: [to Gomez, watching Pugsley sleep] It's so sweet. He looks just like a little entrée.

Joel: How do I look?
Wednesday: Disturbing.


Amanda: Hi, I'm Amanda Buckman. Why are you dressed like that?
Wednesday: Like what?
Amanda: Like you're going to a funeral. Why are you dressed like somebody died?
Wednesday: Wait.

Morticia: [looking through an armoire] Uncle Nick-Nack's winter wardrobe... Uncle Nick-Nack's summer wardrobe...Uncle Nick-Nack...

Wednesday: [when asked about her Halloween costume] I'm a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.

Color (or Lack Thereof)

Morticia: My baby is ill and my husband is dying. Oh Mama, What shall I do?
Grandma: Well, you have a black dress.

Morticia: [confronting Debbie in her house] You have gone too far. You have married Fester, you have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But Debbie...
Debbie Jellinsky: What?
Morticia: ...pastels?
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