Goth, grunge and jeans

by Rose

As a teenager, I dressed goth without the crazy makeup. For me, it was closer to a dominatrix/fetish look without the sex (I was a late-bloomer). In addition, I wore a fair amount of black but also general band t-shirts (of every color) with jeans.

I was a suicidal and depressed teen so the black symbolized how I felt on the inside. Being a teen in the 90's, I also wore flannel shirts. I wore ripped jeans as well.

I didn't always do all black in my gothic outfits; sometimes I did crazy colors or changed it up with off-white fishnets. I wore a lot of fishnets and crocheted tights. I tried to be creative about how things were worn. Occasionally, I'd wear a dress as a skirt or fashion a dress out of other fabrics.

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