My Semi-Punk Hip-Hop Days

by Jireh

I tend to smile whenever I remember how I used to dress as a teenager. I was at a loss on how I'm suppose to dress up. I usually got ideas from my idols when I was a kid.

At thirteen, my first idol was Aaliyah. And that was bad. I would wear baggy clothes, because in her videos, I usually see her wearing baggy pants and shirts.

My next idols were Linkin Park. I guess it's a pretty big leap from hip-hop to rap metal hardcore. I was addicted to eyeliner and my clothes usually consisted of black and tattered jeans. And the funny thing was, I was totally thick-faced as a teenager to get out of the house wearing things I had sewn up from old jeans and whatnots. I didn't care when people stared at me, as long as I felt really cool with what I wore.

In college, I tended to wear tattered jeans, but I decided to wear simple shirts and rubber shoes for a change. I was more into punk rock by then. I was more of a guy than a girl at college actually.

I bought rubber shoes while my friends bought heels. I wore t-shirts; they wore frilly clothes. But I did wear skirts, checkered skirts and tattered mini skirts to be exact.

I graduated from college and am now a Bank Bookkeeper. I could describe the way I dress now as being moody. When I feel more like a girl, I dress like a girl, more or less. I wear dresses, I like ribbons, and I like lace. But that boyish side of me kicks in from time to time. And that's when I wear rubber shoes, t-shirts and tattered jeans again.

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