Paper Doll Template

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If you're looking to make a paper doll, you might like to find a paper doll template, instead of going the complete DIY route. Here is a guide to templates you can print out for free or buy for cheap.


  • Paper Puppet Palooza by Norma Toraya. If you're looking for more complex paper dolls, e.g. with moving parts, this is a wonderful resource. Features templates, ideas, inspiration and more. I highly recommend this book.
  • Dover Paper Dolls are cheap and have diverse subject matters, from fairies to Russian Folk costumes. Some, though not all, of their paper dolls wear underwear, giving you a decent paper doll template.
  • New Attitude: An Adult Paper Doll Book is, but not necessarily in a bad way. It features "swinging singles and socialites." Funny but somewhat impractical.

Websites - Printable

Here are some printable paper dolls. If you're looking for flash games, scroll down.

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