20 Inspiring Style Blogs Of Few, If Any, Words

If you're reading this, you may like style blogs. Taking in all those delicious photographs, reading about those designer/vintage/one-of-a-kind items, living vicariously through the cute outfits on display...believe me, it's a joy I share, too.

What about when you're looking for style inspiration? Oftentimes, it's more inspiring to look at images and let them wash over you. Style is a visual medium, not a literary one, and reading about something is very different from seeing a photograph of the same thing.

With that in mind, here are several style blogs which are heavy on graphics and light on text. They all differ somewhat from each other, and many of them don't just cover personal style. So, there should be something here for everyone.

20. Walk These Streets


URL: http://walkthesestreets.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblelog.
Focus: Black and white, haute gothique fashion.

19. Wyckidmua


URL: http://wyckidmua.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblelog.
Focus: All things makeup, especially eyeshadow.

18. Miss Moss

Miss Moss.

URL: http://missmossblog.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblelog.
Focus: Street and posed women's fashion photos.



URL: http://blackmrkt.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblelog.
Focus: General fashion/design inspiration.

16. salicaria

URL: http://salicaria.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblelog.
Focus: High fashion.

15. Unfaithful 2 Me

Unfaithful 2 Me

URL: http://unfaithful2me.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblelog.
Focus: High fashion photographs.

14. Trendfamous


URL: http://community.livejournal.com/trendfamous
What Is It?: A livejournal community.
Focus: Trend tips.

13. Styleregistry


URL: http://community.livejournal.com/styleregistry/. Also see their tumblr.
What Is It?: A livejournal community.
Focus: High fashion, 1970-present.

12. Inspireplease

inspireplease on livejournal.

URL: http://community.livejournal.com/inspireplease
What Is It?: A livejournal community.
Focus: Diverse subjects, depending on the poster. The posts are designed to stimulate inspiration in general, not just for sartorial purposes. Some photos/illustrations feature text, song lyrics, quotes etc.

11. Silver Cinema

Silver Cinema

URL: http://silvercinema.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblr microblog
Focus: Old Hollywood, lately the women of old Hollywood. Think Gloria Swanson, Rita Hayworth, Katharine Hepburn, etc.

10. Haw Lin

Haw Lin.

URL: http://haw-lin.com/
What Is It?: A photoblog, powered by Cargo.
Focus: Clothing details, architecture, fashion photo shoots, classic style, semi-naked women.

9. Morbid Fashion

Morbid Fashion.

URL: http://morbidfashion.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblr microblog.
Focus: "grown up goth fashion." Dark, disturbing and death-related clothes, accessories and photoshoots.

8. allmylovingg


URL: http://allmylovingg.xanga.com/
What Is It?: A xanga photoblog.
Focus: Varies. A fair number of high-fashion photos, subtitled screenshots and underexposed photos with superimposed text. Plus, food porn.

7. blackcigarette


URL: http://community.livejournal.com/blackcigarette
What Is It?: A livejournal community "about STYLE for personal inspiration purposes." Affiliated with Side B Magazine.
Focus: Many community members post photos of themselves, as well as pretty pictures they've found on the internet. More text here than any blog on this list, though still not that much.

6. The Impossible Cool

the impossible cool.

URL: http://theimpossiblecool.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblr microblog.
Focus: Photographs, usually black and white ones, of impossibly cool and stylish people. Think Brigitte Bardot, Robert Mitchum, Audrey Hepburn and so on.

5. Cocochic


URL: http://cocochic.tumblr.com/
What Is It?: A tumblr microblog.
Focus: High women's fashion, models, handbags, black clothing.

4. foto_decadent


URL: http://community.livejournal.com/foto_decadent
What Is It?: A livejournal community.
Focus: foto_decadent is dedicated to avant-garde fashion photography. Think photospreads from W, Tatler, Vogue and other high-fashion magazines. Beware if your boss is uptight––"Images with nudity are allowed and welcomed and adored and uncensored," the community's rules state. "If nudity bothers you, you have come to the wrong community."

3. her0in_chic

her0in chic xanga

URL: http://her0in-chic.xanga.com/
What Is It?: A xanga photoblog.
Focus: Despite the name, drugs are rarely shown or mentioned. Along with the normal photos of attractive women and cute dresses, her0in_chic also publishes children's letters, photos of animals, skyscapes, city streets and, horror of horrors, text!

2. Enjoy Your Style's Tumblelog

enjoy your style's tumblelog

URL: http://enjoyyourstyle.tumblr.com
What Is It?: The tumblelog analog of this website. We saved the self-promotion for next-to-last.
Focus: Whatever Elizabeth finds appealing and/or stylish. And whatever handsome foreigner(s) she wants to bed at the moment.

1. Inverted


URL: http://weheartit.com/inverted
What Is It?: A weheartit.com account. Maybe it's not fair to include WeHeartIt users in this list. By its nature, WeHeartIt is short on text, and it's not exactly a blog platform. However, you can follow individual users through weheartit or through an individual RSS feed, so to us it counts.
Focus: Disturbingly sensual images, from a haunting still image from La Perle to a young woman in a transparent veil to a well-dressed golden skeleton.

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