Cheap Stocking Stuffers

These cheap stocking stuffers all cost $20 or less. They're fun, easy to buy and stylish. Some work better for women, others for men; some for kids, others for adults. Since we don't know whom you're giving your gift to, you'll just have to use your judgment to figure out which one is right for them. That doesn't mean we can't help, though!


Who doesn't like pleasant smelling soap? Whether it's a neutral sage, a classic lavender or an energizing Brazilian Espresso, a bar of soap is a great multipurpose gift.

If the recipient is male, a nice manly soap like black amber or the Anthony Logistics For Men Mud Scub Exfoliating Bar does the trick.

Although this isn't necessarily a sexy gift, it's a good gift to give to someone you like. That way, if they use your soup in the bath, they'll think of you when they are naked.


This is especially good for people with dry skin, or people who work outdoors. Chapstick is small, portable and practical, making it a good stocking stuffer.

Bath Bomb

Lush's Sex Bomb in action.

Bath bombs effervesce when wet. Not only do they give a tickling sensation to the bather, but they fill the bath with a nice fragrance. Probably not the best gift for adolescent males, as many will find a way to make mischief with it.

Blotting Papers

These papers take oil off your skin without smudging your makeup.


Good, cheap and quick. MAC lipsticks cost $14.50 each, and other, similar brands have lipsticks at this price. Know your gift-receiver and her (or his) complexion; a common courtesy is to include the receipt with the gift in case she wants to exchange it for another color.

Hand Cream

Great, again, for people with dry skin, people who work with things like clay, and people who like lotions, creams and other skincare products.

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