Doe Deere Interview

Doe Deere is a Russian model, makeup artist and blogger, now working and living in New York City. Her blog, Doe Deere Blogazine, focuses on makeup (check out her wonderful makeup tutorials!), style and inspiration.

Deere also runs Lime Crime Makeup, a makeup line that's "so bright, it's illegal." (Of course, it's perfectly legal to buy, but it is quite bright!) Enjoy Your Style recently interviewed Ms. Deere about her life, her style and why she enjoys both so much.

ENJOY YOUR STYLE: If you could raid anyone's closet, past or present, and have all of their clothes fit you--whose would you raid? (You can specify a year, too, e.g. "David Bowie's, in 1975")

DOE DEERE: Lady Gaga's. Now. I am a huge Gaga fan and learned about her existence about 6 months prior to her album's drop at an industry meeting (I was a musician myself at the time). They said there was a girl who could very well be "the new Madonna." I researched her immediately––she still had dark hair - and sensed that she had much more to her than just "the new Madonna." She was a force to be reckoned with. I saw her in concert for $10 and fell even more in love.

People like Andy Warhol, Bowie and Gaga come along very rarely. I aspire to them tremendously and hope to do what they did in pop music and culture, in makeup.

EYS: I notice that many of your outfits combine multiple bright colors, e.g. blue lipstick with a pink overcoat, purple tights and a yellow belt, shirt and shoes (e.g., here ). Many people find color combinations, let alone bright color combinations, difficult. Does this skill come naturally to you, or have you had mentors/guides who've helped you learn?

DD: Not only does it come naturally, it's the only way I know how to dress! I really do like combining bright, solid colors with a shimmery accent here and there - you can find the same in our lipstick packaging!

Doe Deere.

EYS: You pointed out that many makeup companies shy away from bright colors because they think they know what's in the best interest of the consumer. Could you elaborate on this? Do you have experience with this as a fashion model?

DD: This used to be the case but I think they're finally starting to see that the consumer wants it, so it's changing. Lots more companies offer bright eyeshadow today. Vivid lipstick is starting to catch on - blue specially is all over Vogue and W this spring. Me, I enjoy color in all aspects of my life and beauty––lipstick, nail polish, eyeshadow.

EYS: Did growing up in Russia affect how you see the question of "style vs. social response," as you put it? I ask because you mentioned the Soviet school uniform in one post.

DD:I used to be forced to wear a lot of ugly clothes, or clothes I didn't really like - because that's what was available. When I grew up to be a little older, I discovered a sewing machine and made myself different clothes, that stood out. Did I get weird looks? Sure - still do. But being able to wear what you like is a truly liberating experience that a lot of people in the developed countries take for granted. I'm here to remind them to take advantage of that freedom and not be stuck in a color rut.

EYS: Who are your top style icons?

DD: I already mentioned Lady Gaga, but I enjoy anyone with a severely individualistic sense of fashion - Bowie, Björk, Karl Lagerfeld, Marilyn Manson. True icons like that don't come along very often.

EYS: What are your favorite books?

DD: Harry Potter is one of my top favorite stories of all time, followed closely by Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita. I also enjoy 1970s sci-fi by the Russian author Kir Bulychev.

Doe's Websites:

Doe Deere Blogazine

Lime Crime Makeup

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