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Ms Nubby Twiglet

Nubby Twiglet is an artist, graphic designer, blogger and so much more. Her blog,, is updated six days a week with interesting, informative and inspiring posts on fashion, art and design.

Enjoy Your Style recently interviewed Ms. Twiglet about her life as a graphic designer, the difference between art and design, and what she wished she knew five years ago.

ENJOY YOUR STYLE: I ask everyone this, so I'd like to ask you, as well. If you could raid anyone's closet, and  have that person's clothing magically fit you, whose would you raid? You can specify a year, too, e.g. "Coco Chanel's, in 1925."

NUBBY TWIGLET: Well...I would have to say that it is a tie between Björk and Michael Jackson. I love futuristic, over-the-top embellished, military-inspired gear but I also love a great avant-garde dress and wacky shoes. These two would have me covered for life!

EYS: What's the relationship between art and design? What differentiates a Campbell's soup can from a Warhol print of the same can?

NT: I think that art and design are so intertwined that the line between the two becomes fairly blurry. Though, I would say that art is mostly about self expression while design is often done for a larger audience and public consumption whether that's through street signs, apparel or a book cover.

EYS: Where does fashion come from?

NT: Fashion comes from a need for us to express our outward appearances through a creative outlet. Sure, we could be utilitarian and all wear the same black t-shirt paired with a pair of Levi's 501 jeans but our favorite colors, designers, social class and so much more tend to come through in the way we put ourselves together.

EYS: You're involved in many different artistic paths: typography, graphic design, fashion and art. How do these different disciplines influence each other, at least for you? Are they all just expressions of your personality?

NT: In a way, they are all just expressions of my personality. I try to not make any division between my surroundings, design, fashion, blogging or art. They are all smaller pieces of a bigger puzzle. My apparel is black, white, gray and red, as is my house and much of my design work. It all feeds off each other.

EYS: What do you wish you knew five years ago?

NT: I wish I knew that I could be a graphic designer full-time. I wish I had gone to school for design right at that moment. I wish I knew that everything I thought was a mistake was really part of a much bigger picture and that everything would somehow work. And, the struggling and hardships I went through were meant to make me stronger and build character. Everything happens for a reason.

A page from Nubby Twiglet's fashion notebook. Photo from Flickr.

EYS:If you could only save one item from your closet, what would you save? Two shoes count as one item.

NT: This is a hard one! I have to name 3 very different items. My black Halogen coat with zip-off sections is really sentimental because I've been wearing it nonstop since 2000 when I first started college. My black oversized Miu Miu bag holds absolutely everything and has been something that I've carried every day for the last year. Thirdly, my Dries Van Noten gray patent wedges from Fall 2007 are totally bizarre and iconic and totally irreplaceable.

EYS: To whom would you recommend your job? Whom would you  not recommend it to?

NT: I would recommend it to someone who is obsessive about collecting visual inspiration whether it's images, catalogs, album covers or books. If you're a visual person that thinks in pictures, who is very driven and not afraid to work long hours, design will suit you well. There is no "start" and "stop" time. There will be stressful days when seemingly impossible deadlines loom. Design is not easy or glamorous. It takes some serious passion. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who can't sit still for 6 to 8 hours at a time.

EYS: What's the most important thing in life? (either your life, or life in general)

NT: Friends and family are by far the most important thing in life. People that love you unconditionally and are always there when you need them are totally irreplaceable. Material possessions and money come and go. None of that really matters. What matters is having an inner confidence, peace of mind and surrounding yourself with quality people.


Nubby Twiglet's website.

Nubby Twiglet on Flickr.

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