Charlotte Rouge

Charlotte Rouge.

Charlotte Rouge is a blogger and fashion designer from Poland. Her blog, written in English, features interesting and often insightful posts on fashion, style and everything new under the sun.

Enjoy Your Style recently interviewed Charlotte about how her life affects her style, and vice versa. The interview is below.

ENJOY YOUR STYLE: If you could raid anyone's closet, and have all their clothes magically fit you, whose closet would you raid and why?

CHARLOTTE ROUGE:It would be today's Kate Moss' and Jamie Hince's closets.

EYS: You mentioned in a recent blog post that you were born in 1989, the year that communism collapsed in Eastern Europe. How did it affect you, to grow up in Poland just after the iron curtain lifted?

CR: Oh, it was fabulous! I was the third, very youngest child in the family, so my parents were pampering me. I could have anything! All fashionable Barbies, clothes and stuff.

EYS: What role does fashion play in your life?

CR:Fashion is my life. I have subordinated my life to fashion. I'm a fashion photographer, stylist, modeling agency owner and I'm going to be a fashion designer soon...

EYS:Were you ever a member of a subculture (e.g. punk, hippie, goth) when youwere a kid?

CR:Yeah, I was a skate mixed with a punk and goth when I was about 13-17. Definitely there were just some of us in my little town. As the only girl in the group my style become very unique. We weren't listening to hip hop, but to rock and punk music. Later, I needed some skirts and more chic clothes, that's why I mixed this style with goth (black, long skirts and empire shirts).

Kind of blue...Charlotte Rouge.

EYS: What movies do you watch for style inspiration?

CR:Factory Girl, Dreamgirls, Ray, all movies with Zooey Deschanel, An Education, and many many more.

EYS: You're given 5,000 euros, tax free, on the condition that you donate2,500 on charity and spend/invest 2,500 on anything *but* charity, i.e.stocks, material possessions, etc. What charities would you give money toand what's the first thing you'd buy, if you buy anything?

CR: 2500 euros for eliminating unemployment, so that uneducated people can work and have money for living. 2500 euros for clothes, that's obvious!

EYS: What would you like people to know about you that they don't?

CR: That I am a very lonely person (except my fiance <3) and I have no friends and one to party with.

EYS: Complete this sentence: "The best part of being alive is...and the worstis..."

CR: The best part of being alive is being loved and loving someone. The worst part of being alive is coming closer every day to death.

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