Courtney Love Pictures

Courtney Love pictures. Love (1964 - ) is an American songwriter, musician and actress. She is best known as the frontwoman of Hole, and as the widow of grunge icon Kurt Cobain.

Love has starred in numerous films, including Sid and Nancy, 200 Cigarettes and The People vs. Larry Flynt.

These pictures come from and a now-defunct website, The photos of Sugar Babydoll are by Erik Meade.

A very young Courtney Love

Kat Bjelland and Courtney Love in a press photo for Sugar Babydoll. Photo by Erik Meade.

Sugar Babydoll.

Courtney Love in court

Love in black and white.

Courtney Love.

courtney love in in kinderwhore outfit with conch.

Courtney Love in 1981.

Courtney Love at sixteen.

Courtney Love and Jim Jarmusch in 1986.

Love, Manson and Reznor, 1994.

Kinderwhore in a black babydoll dress.

Courtney Love in Kinderwhore


See also: Kinderwhore

Courtney Love crazy eyes.

Courtney Love 1990s look

Courtney Love in very 1990s makeup.

Courtney Love with Drew Barrymore

Best sunday dress

Courtney Love is a pink angel

Courtney Love plays the guitar.

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