How to Remove Mascara

Learn how to remove mascara quickly and painlessly with Enjoy Your Style's guide. There are many ways to remove mascara without stinging your eyes or hurting yourself. What solution you choose will depend on your sensitivity and personal preference.

Whatever your level or sensitivity, though, always wash your face before you remove any mascara. This will get some mascara off of your lashes, even if it's waterproof and primed.

After you've washed your face, take a cotton ball and dab it in eye makeup remover, baby oil or baby shampoo. If your eyes aren't sensitive, you can use regular makeup remover but it might sting.

Close your eyes, and run the cotton ball along your lashes. You may need to do this a few times to get the mascara out.

You may need to use several cotton balls to get all of the mascara out, depending on how much you applied. Once you have removed all the mascara, use a tissue to dry your eyes and remove some of the gunk.

At last, wash your face and apply some moisturizer or eye cream to keep your eyes (and the skin around them) from drying out.

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