The Sims 3 Late Night

The Sims 3 Late Night opening screen

If you're a veteran Sims fan, you've guessed that the The Sims 3 Late Night resembles the Superstar and Nightlife expansion packs from the previous games. And you wouldn't be far wrong. However, this expansion pack has added a new feature, not yet (as I know of) available in any Sims franchise yet: a city.

To get the full Late Night experience, you'll either have to spend hours modifying your previous game, or build an entirely new one in Bridgeport, the new (and so far only) city in the Sims 3. Bridgeport is a large city, with apartment buildings, nightclubs and outlets in its city center. Some venues, such as the bookstore and the spa, have been combined and housed in one high-rise building.

The Sims 3 Late Night will be hard to run on old systems, or even new ones with suboptimal graphics cards. You will probably need to reduce the graphics to keep the game from running slowly, especially if you play from apartment in the middle of the city.

That's another change––Late Night has apartments. You can only move in one family per building, but all of the other floors will have tenants you can interact with. If you buy a callbox, you can call any tenant in the building and chat or invite them over––providing they're home.

What else has changed for our sims, style-wise?

New Body Sliders

Sims 3 Late Night body sliders.

Now you can custom-build your sims with more finesse than ever. In addition to the fat/skinny and slack/muscular sliders, you can now adjust arm muscle and bust size (women only). The results can be extreme, as in this young sim with the bust size near "max":

Sims 3 large bust.

With these new adjustments, you can create Sims of almost any build, from Snooki to Grace Kelly to Barry White.

Unfortunately, no new skin tones have been added; we're stuck with the naturalistic ones, as well as green and red. Pity; it would be nice to have some blue and chartreuse and grey sims, like in the Sims 2.

New Hairstyles and Clothing

Sims 3 Late Night Hairstyles.

Standard for a new expansion pack, of course. Still, they're nice touches. And some not-so-nice:

Sims 3 Late Night new clothes - a muscle shirt.

Celebrity System

Snooki pleads with a bouncer.

Sims with enough friends will find a star appearing next to their name. As they get to know more people, throw more successful parties and move up in their career, up to five stars will appear by their name.

If you, mere mortal (or a less-starred celebrity) should try to talk to a celebrity––good luck! You must impress them with either your career accomplishments, your wealth, your skills or your contacts. If you accomplish this, you may hold a normal conversation with them, and possibly even be friends.

Sims can join the movie career to become movie stars, at great length and with great luck. If your sims have skill on the guitar, piano, bass or drums, they can join with other Sims and start a band. Starting a band and playing gigs is a great way to increase your celebrity status.

The club.

Just like real life, sims can become celebrities for nothing at all. Social sims with many friends, who throw great parties, can become celebrities, even if they work as a gravedigger at the cemetery.

Celebrity sims get perks. Their classes and spa treatments come at reduced prices, their meals out are generally free, and they get into all the hottest clubs without having to even talk to the bouncer.

Sims of any age can be celebrities, at least in theory. I have seen children and teenagers become one-star celebrities, though no babies or toddlers as of yet.

Class and money have something to do with style, though in this expansion pack, as in all other iterations of the game, you can go from from zero to zillionaire without ever changing your shirt. A celebrity is not shamed if they appear out of doors in dirty clothes, though if they pass out or piss themselves in public, they will.

The Verdict

The Sims 3 Late Night is a great expansion pack for style-focused sims-players. At $30, it's resonably priced, and there's enough substantive change for it to be worth purchasing. If the Sims 3 is a game that interests you, only purchase this product if you have a few million hours of free time to play it––because it is addictive!

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