Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

These holiday gift ideas for women are good year-round, no matter what the holiday or the nature of your wrongdoing. We've included some inexpensive, mid-priced and costly items for all categories, so no matter what your budget, you can find something on this list to fit her tastes and your circumstances.


What It Is: A piece of fabric wrapped or sewn in a cylindrical shape, worn around the waist.

Why It's Such a Great Gift: Though not the best winter gift, in the summertime a nice skirt serves as a great way to look stylish and flirty without being slutty.

Possible Recipients: Femmes, Young Ladies, Ed Wood.

Impossible Recipients: Stone Butches, Debra Morgan.

A Stylish Photobook

Gothic and Lolita bible.

What It Is: A book full of photographs of clothes, models wearing makeup, shoes etc.

Why It's Such a Great Gift: It gives your recipient something to do (read the book) after all the presents are unwrapped.

Possible Recipients: Women who love costume dramas, high resolution sartorial photographs and flights of fancy; makeup artists, fashion designers, seamstresses and armchair costume historians.

Impossible Recipients: Women who don't want any more books; blind people.

Bubble Bath Supplies

What It Is: Gels, soaps, powders and oils which can be put into a bath and make it bubbly.

Why It's Such a Great Gift:

Possible Recipients: Women with little or no time to themselves. As a bonus, you could offer to babysit their children and do tasks around the house while she takes a bath.

Impossible Recipients: Showerers

Makeup Kit

Makeup palette. Photo by Corey Balazowich.

Photo by Corey Balazowich.

What It Is: A kit or set of cosmetics, often in sample sizes, to create or reproduce a look (e.g. smokey eyes) or offer the same product in multiple colors.

Why It's Such a Great Gift: Even if you're not a makeup artist, chances are you can find a kit which will include something flattering for the recipient.

Possible Recipients: Women who wear makeup.

Impossible Recipients: Women who don't.

Girly, Childlike Items

What It Is: Anything plastic and eye-searing pink. Glitter a plus.
Why It's Such a Great Gift: Allows recipient to recapture lost innocence, however fleetingly.
Possible Recipients: Riot Grrrls, kinderwhores, young children, grown-up children.

Impossible Recipients: Judith Butler.

Bottle Cap Belt, $13


What It Is: Goop, usually expensive, which hydrates the pores of one's skin.
Why It's Such a Great Gift: Moisturizer feels good on the skin, makes it feel smoother and usually smells nice.

Possible Recipients: People who like smearing fragrant goop on their bodies.
Impossible Recipients: People who like smearing fragrant goop on other people's bodies without necessarily asking them for permission first.


What It Is: Sheer or opaque fabric pulled over the legs.

Why It's Such a Great Gift: If you're in a cold clime, tights are a great way for your recipient to warm up any outfit. If not, they're nice accessories anyway.

Possible Recipients: Women with nice legs, women with ugly legs, Frank'n'furter.

Impossible Recipients: Amputees, basket cases.

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