Bette Davis pictures

From the moment I was six I felt sexy. And let me tell you it was hell, sheer hell, waiting to do something about it.
––Bette Davis

Bette Davis was a prolific and talented American screen actress, perhaps best known for her star performances in All About Eve and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Davis had great self discipline and a tireless work ethic. She also became something of a gay icon for playing larger-than-life, vindictive women.

This image gallery shows Ms. Davis's superlative beauty and charisma. However beautiful the outfit she's wearing, your eyes always come back to her face. And it's not just a beautiful face; it radiates charm, even a kind of openness and warmth.

These Bette Davis pictures are for your enjoyment and inspiration. Ms. Davis had the good fortune to live in a time where Hollywood fashions––and fashions in general––lived up to a very high standard, and aimed to flatter the person and not just their figure.

Bette Davis in checkered suit.

Bette Davis with blonde hair.

Bette in a Black dress.

Bette Davis with frenemy Joan Crawford.

Bette Davis in white.

Bette Davis has serious attitude.

Bette with a cigarette.

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