Bob Hairstyle Pictures

Blonde bob. Photo by Nathan Jones.

A bob haircut is a chin- or jaw-length haircut, cut at the same length all the way around the head. Some bobs have bangs in the front, but it's not an ironclad requirement.

The bob was originally a haircut for little children. In the 1920s, film stars like Louise Brooks (pictured above), Colleen Moore and Clara Bow popularized the style. It became seen as a statement of female independence and freedom from social constraints.

The style has come in and out of fashion, with different iterations, such as a bob with the front section longer than the back, framing the face and exposing the neck.


Louise Brooks.

Jen Bauer by Alex Campos.

A modern, layered take on the bob, with long bangs. Photo by Alex Campos, used under CC Attribution-NoDerivs license.

A bob haircut from multiple angles. Photo by Thirteen of Clubs.

A bob hairstyle from multiple angles. Photo by Thirteen of Clubs.

Bob by Ollie Crafoord.

"I want it THIS big..." Photo by Ollie Crafoord.

messy bob hairstyle photo by Alicia Lynn.

Black bob. Photo by Alicia Lynn.

Photo by Alicia Lynn.

red bob haircut photo by Alicia Lynn.

Four photos above by Alicia Lynn. Used under CC Attribution-NoDerivs license.

Photo by Lilhelen.

Photo by Lilhelen.

Photo by Lilhelen.

Photo by Lilhelen.

Above four photos by Lilhelen. Used under CC Attribution license.

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