Manic Panic Hair Dye

Manic Panic Hair Dye has quite a cult following, especially among young punks, goths and proud freak-flag-bearers. Founded by Tish and Snooky Bellomo in 1977, this brand has its roots in the original NYC punk scene.

Manic Panic's semi-permanent dyes come in thirty different shades, few of them "natural" to any human being. Even "Raven," Manic Panic's black hair dye, has an undeniable, unnatural bluish undertone. For many, these unusual shades make them feel more at home than their real hair color.

Unless you bleach your hair beforehand, don't expect these dyes to last very long, or to show up if your hair is dark. Manic Panic hair dyes are semi-permanent, and healthy hair––even if it's very light––won't retain the dye. I speak here from experience: once, blue hair dye, applied on Friday washed out completely by Sunday!

Famous Manic Panic clients include Marilyn Manson, Cyndi Lauper and Emilie Autumn. Manic Panic also sponsors bands, such as MiltiA, September Mourning and Jeffree Star.

Manic Panic sells four different types of hair dye: classic formula, Amplified, Gel formula and "Dye Hard," a colored styling gel that can be washed out. Amplified hair dye lasts longer than classic formula and the gel formula has a more intense pigment.

The following hair dyes glow under black light:

  1. Electric Banana - bright yellow
  2. Electric Lava - orange red
  3. Electric Lizard - green
  4. Pretty Flamingo - light candy pink
  5. Wildfire - deep red
  6. Hot Hot Pink - self-explanatory

Glow under black light ≠ glow in the dark. Black light is the dark purple light you see in some dance clubs, that makes your teeth glow and turns white clothing to a bright purplish white.

I have had good experiences with this brand, although it tends to wash out easily. No shade I've used have ever irritated my hair or skin. I would therefore recommend it to anyone looking to dye their hair but worried about using something permanent or itchy.

You can find out more for yourself on the Manic Panic hair dye page.

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