Eugene Hutz (Hütz) Photos

Pictures of Eugene Hutz (or Hütz), lead singer of Gogol Bordello and star of Everything is Illuminated and Filth and Wisdom.

Most of these photos come from Tumblr and Wikimedia commons. If you took one of them, tell us so we can either give you credit or remove the image.

Images are arranged chronologically.

Eugene Hutz in middle school.

Eugene Hutz as a very young man.

The Fags. Source unknown.

The Fags. Photo from Bradley's Almanac

Photo from Bradley's Almanac

Hutz with black hair and double sideburns.

Eugene Hutz with Rachel Comey

Eugene Hutz in fashion shoot

Alex from Everything is Illuminated

Photo from Warner Brothers

Eugene Hutz playing with Gogol Bordello. Photo by Matt Kleinschmidt.

Photo by Matt Kleinschmidt

Eugene Hutz playing guitar somewhere

Screenshot from Filth and Wisdom

More Eugene Hutz photos at our tumblelog.

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