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What follows are fashion quotes from designers, models, writers, poets and simply witty people. Arranged alphabetically by author.

The difference between style and fashion is quality.
––Giorgio Armani

Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse.
––Francis Bacon, Sr.

Never in the history of fashion has so little material been raised so high to reveal so much that needs to be covered so badly.
––Sir Cecil Beaton

Fashion as King is sometimes a very stupid ruler.
––E. T. Bell

The fashion of this world passeth away.
––The Bible, 1 Corinthians

Fashion is a social agreement. the result of a consensus of a large group of people.
––Stella Blum

Fashion is so close in revealing a person's inner feelings and everybody seems to hate to lay claim to vanity so people tend to push it away. It's really too close to the quick of the soul.

Women thrive on novelty and are easy meat for the commerce of fashion. Men prefer old pipes and torn jackets.
––Anthony Burgess

Change of fashion is the tax levied by the industry of the poor on the vanity of the rich.
––Nicolas de Chamfort

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
––Coco Chanel

Fashion is made to become unfashionable.

Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.

Fashion is made to become unfashionable.

There’s never a new fashion but it’s old.
––Geoffrey Chaucer

Art produces ugly things which frequently become beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.
––Jean Cocteau

Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.
––Quentin Crisp

I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.
––Marlene Dietrich

Have you ever seen a woman enter a shop and ask for "something just like the one I'm wearing"?
––Christian Dior, on what sustains fashion

I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.
––Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich.

So soon as a fashion is universal, it is out of date.
––Maria Von Ebner-Eschenbach

As a fashion designer, I was always aware that I was not an artist, because I was creating something that was made to be sold, marketed, used, and ultimately discarded.
––Tom Ford

The vanity of loving fine clothes and new fashion, and placing value on ourselves by them is one of the most childish pieces of folly.
––Matthew Hale

Sometimes I wake up and I think I should start wearing a beret, but I don't do it. One day I'm gonna, though. You bet your ass, I will have a beret on. That's ridiculous, but it's true. I always fight with wearing a beret.
––Mitch Hedberg

Fashion is the science of appearances, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be.
––Edwin Hubbel

Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.
––Henry J. Kaiser

They seek him here, they seek him there,
His clothes are loud, but never square.
It will make or break him so he's got to buy the best,
'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion.
––The Kinks

Fashion is as profound and critical a part of the social life of man as sex, and is made up of the same ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos.
––Rene Konig

On my darkest days, I wear my brightest colors.
––Cyndi Lauper

People used to throw rocks at me for my they wanna know where I buy them.

I think everyone should have a flashing tiara.

People ask how can a Jewish kid from the Bronx do preppy clothes? Does it have to do with class and money? It has to do with dreams.
––Ralph Lauren

Fashion is never in crisis because clothes are always necessary.
––Achille Maramotti

Cinderella’s glass shoe was the perfect size. So why did it slip off as she ran?...It must have been to attract the attention of Prince Charming. I don’t see any other explanation.

Fashion is more usually a gentle progression of revisited ideas.
––Bruce Oldfield

Megan Stewart.

In the world of art, all things are possible.
––Paradise Kiss

I base my fashion sense on what doesn't itch.
––Gilda Radner

There is a level of cowardice lower than that of the conformist: the fashionable non-conformist.
––Ayn Rand

Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit
––George Santayana

In difficult times fashion is always outrageous.
––Elsa Schiaparelli

We live not according to reason, but according to fashion.

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.
––Henry David Thoreau

It is fancy rather than taste which produces so many new fashions.

Fashion is about eventually becoming naked.
––Vivienne Westwood

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