10 Halloween Makeup Ideas in 10 Minutes (or Less)

Trying to figure out a costume? In a rush or at a loss? Don't stress! Here are some halloween makeup ideas you can use right away. These tutorials offer versatile, quick and (mostly) painless looks adaptable to a wide range of costumes.

I've taken the liberty of cataloguing the makeup ingredients for each tutorial, so you know if you already have what's listed. You probably don't need the exact same product, but a close match will help you get the desired look.

10. Dead Doll

The inimitable MissChievous gives us a guide to realistic––rather too realistic––corpse paint.

Possible Costumes: Dead anything––dead housewife (use red lipstick instead of plum), dead doll, dead cheerleader, dead goth girl (use––what else?––black lipstick), insurance claims adjuster.

Makeup Used:

  1. Foundation - Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ in 15
  2. Foundation - MAC Airbrush in White
  3. Eyeshadow - MAC Copperplate
  4. Eyeshadow - Ben Nye Greystone
  5. Blush - Illamasqua Intrigue
  6. Palette - 42 piece Double Stack Matte palette
  7. Eyeliner - La Femme Cake Eye Liner In Blue
  8. Generic False Eyelashes
  9. Kohl Pencil - Maybelline, White
  10. Concealer - Ben Nye concealer wheel SK-II
  11. Lipstick - Nivea Bedtime Plum
  12. Nailpolish - Orly, It's Not Rocket Science

9. Vampire/Gothic Makeup

A beautiful, gothic look that's smokey and classical at the same time. If you're short on Halloween makeup ideas, this is a good place to start.

Possible Costumes: Vampire, Gothic/1950s Pinup, 1940s Vamp/Vixen

Makeup Used:

  1. Foundation - MAC Studio Fix Foundation
  2. Eyeshadow - Ben Nye White eyeshadow (for added pallor)
  3. Concealer - Ben Nye concealer
  4. Blush - MAC Blushbaby Blush
  5. Contour - Ben Nye Contour Nr. 1
  6. Paint - MAC Untitled Paint (as a base)
  7. Eyeliner - black gel eyeliner
  8. Eyeshadow - Ben Nye Graystone
  9. Eyeshadow - MAC Carbon
  10. Generic False Eyelashes
  11. Powder - MAC Blot Powder
  12. Lipliner - MAC Velvetella
  13. Lipstick - NARS Scarlet Empress
  14. Lipstick - NYX Chaos
  15. Lipgloss - NYX Grape
  16. Lipglass - MAC Style Minx (limited edition)

8. Barbie Girl

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie wo-o-orld..." Michelle Phan gives us another wonderful tutorial, this one on how to get the fantastic plastic look.

Possible Costumes: Barbie, Valley Girl, Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless," Cheerleader, Porn Star

Makeup Used:

  1. Skincare - IQQU Acne Serum
  2. Eye Cream - StriVectin-SD Eye Cream
  3. Foundation - Sally Hansen Airbrush Foundation
  4. Concealer - AmazingConcealer
  5. Powder - La Mer Powder
  6. Eyeliner - N.Y.C. White Eyeliner
  7. Fake Lashes - Ardell Elegantly Wild Eyelashes
  8. Eyeshadow - NYX Eyeshadow Trio (Used for Blush)
  9. Lipstick - Lancome Rock Icon Fuchsia
  10. Lip Gloss - Coastal Scents Lip Smacks in Flippin Hot

7. 1920s Flapper

Like the movies from the era, this silent tutorial shows you how to get eyes so smokey they'll light a fire in any man's heart. Unfortunately the crimped hair is not exactly easy to do...

This video may be 3:38, but it is time-lapsed. Keep that in mind.

Possible Costumes: Flapper, Theda Bara, Kali (Goddess of Death)

Makeup Used:

Not sure, since the audio is off and there's nothing in the description. Here's what is shown:

  1. Eyeliner - A glossy black eye pencil, applied with a wet brush
  2. Eyeshadow - MAC black eyeshadow
  3. Eyeshadow - NYX ES33, Frosted Flakes
  4. Eyeshadow - NYX ES11, Iced Mocha
  5. Palette - Coastal Scents 26 Color Shadow Blush Combo Palette
  6. Lip Gloss Palette

6. Blue/Green Eyeshadow

Jennisse Makeup makes a colorful, vibrant look with blue, black and green eyeshadow. Keep your other makeup to a minimum if you use this look––let your eyes be the focus!

Possible Costumes: Mermaid, Fairy, Pixie, Not-So-Wicked Witch, Sea Goddess

Makeup Used:

  1. Palette - Coastal Scents 88 Shimmery Palette
  2. Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion
  3. Eyeliner - MAC Feline Eyeliner
  4. Eyeliner - MAC Liquidlast Liner in Blue Horizon
  5. Eyeliner - MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Lime Dandy. "You can skip this part if you don't want so much glitter."
  6. Fake Lashes - Ardell Fashion Lashes 104

5. Perfect Red Lips

The effulgent xsparkage brings all of her cheer and personality into this entertaining tutorial on how to get the "perfect red lips." Check out her other tutorials for more Halloween makeup ideas.

Possible Costumes: Third Wave Feminist, Kinderwhore, Dominatrix, Siren, Lydia Lunch

Makeup Used:

  1. Lip Conditioner - MAC Lip Conditioner
  2. Lipliner - Red Enriched Lip Liner
  3. Lipstick - Classic Dame Mattine Lipstick
  4. Lipglass - Pure Vanity Lipglass
  5. Concealer - MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC15

4. Rainbow Eyes

Another excellent, cheerful xsparkage tutorial, on how to get rainbow-colored eyes.

Possible Costumes: Drag Queen, Fairy, Ziggy Stardust, Punk Rocker from Outer Space

Makeup Used:

  1. Eyeshadows - Beauty From the Earth Eyeshadows in:
  2. Raspberry
  3. Tangerine
  4. Lemon
  5. Green Apple
  6. Blueberry
  7. Karma
  8. Whisper
  9. Eyeliner - Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion
  10. Eyeliner - MAC Liner in Feline (LE)
  11. Mascara - MAC Plush Lash Mascara
  12. Blush - FaceFront Blush in Frawn Apawn
  13. Lipcolor - MAC Dazzleglass in Miss Fizz

3. Edie Sedgwick Eyes

Pixiwoo brings it home with this Edie Sedgwick-inspired tutorial. Beware––this type of look takes patience and practice! It is not for beginners, or the faint of heart!

Possible Costumes: Edie (of course), 60s go-go dancer, Socialite

Makeup Used:

  1. Foundation - Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation with Jemma Kidd Pro Foundation brush
  2. Eyeshadow - MAC Vanilla (base)
  3. Eyeshadow - MAC Typographic (socket)
  4. Eyeliner - BB long-wear gel eyeliner in Black ink
  5. Powder - MAC light blot powder
  6. Jemma Kidd i-perfector to blank out lips.
  7. Blush - MAC Cubic blush

2. Jayne Mansfield/Marilyn Monroe

Wow. If you don't believe in the transformative power of makeup, this tutorial will make you a believer. Pixi2woo transforms herself into a stunning, head-turning pin-up girl straight out of a 1950s movie. She also highlights the differences between Jayne's and Marilyn's makeup senses throughout the tutorial.

Makeup Used:

Although I love this tutorial, I sometimes find her accent difficult to understand, and she doesn't list all of the products she uses. This list is therefore incomplete.

  1. Foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear
  2. Brow Highlighter - Vanilla by MAC
  3. Gel Line
  4. Mascara - L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
  5. Concealer - Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
  6. Powder - Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
  7. Contour - Harmony Contour Powder
  8. Lip Pencil - MAC Cherry
  9. Lipstick - MAC Ruby Woo
  10. Fake Lashes - MAC #7 Lashes

1. Zombie Makeup

Jeff Porkins from the Zombie reporting center gives us a "freshly dead, not so decayed" zombie look that's easy and fun to do. Add in some appropriately chipper string music and Mr. Porkins's deadpan delivery, and this tutorial will put you in a good mood about looking dead.

Possible Costumes: Zombie anything, Office Space employee

Makeup Used:

  1. Palette - "The Death Wheel" by Ben Nye
  2. Color - Ben Nye's "Steel Grey"
  3. Powder - Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder (or baby/talcum powder)

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