Bobbi Brown Lipgloss

Bobbi Brown lipgloss.

Bobbi Brown lipgloss is sold by the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics company. It does not, I'm sorry to say, get great reviews, despite (or perhaps because of) its sticker price, currently $22 for a 0.14 ounce tube.

Bobbi Brown's lip glosses come in fifteen different colors, with some limited edition colors rotating in and out of season. Most of them are pink- and nude-based colors, with a few deep red, aubergines and light beiges.

On Sephora, it receives 3.3 out of 5 stars; on makeupalley it receives an identical store. Some common complaints include the faultiness of the applicator, the product's stickiness, and the price.

Bobbi Brown offers a few varieties of lip gloss, including Glitter Up, Brightening and Crystal lip gloss, which is clear. They also sell lip glosses in compacts, which receive somewhat more favorable reviews.

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